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Pink Raglan Cardigan

FO :: Pretty in Pink Cardigan ::

Auf den Nadeln im Oktober  war dieses Strickjäckchen für das Großkind und es tatsächlich am im Oktober noch fertig geworden. Gestrickt ohne Anleitung, einfach ein Raglan von unten. Wegen zwei verschiedener Partien des Sockengarns habe ich aller 2 Reihen das Knäuel gewechselt – puh, ein Aufwand, das – und am Ende noch einen Rest Wollmeise Pure Read More

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Bridgewater - triangular shawl

FO :: Bridgewater Triangle ::

Just when I wanted to set a link to this wonderful shawl I had knitted for myself back in June and July I discovered that I hadn’t ever posted anything about it. How is this even possible? Brooklyn Tweed’s Bridgewater shawl had caught my eye back when it first appeared online. It is the iconic Read More

Snow Stars hat kids, red

Free pattern :: Snow Stars Hat ::

  Warm, sunny fall weather has made way to the inevitable wet, cold and slightly dreary days. Time to prepare for winter with these quick, cute heads. Originally this project was only meant to try out this new, ecological yarn I’d found through Facebook – Schurwolle by It’s a sturdy worsted spun wool from Read More

4 Weeks ago

This picture was taken nearly 4 weeks ago when Tiberius turned 4 months. He’s quite the little charmer 🙂 With his big sister preparing to start school in August I’ve been going back and forth between organizing stuff for her and spending time soothing Mr. T through some heavy toothing pains. But there’s always a Read More

Time flies

I cannot believe that we’re going on Halloween already. The halfway mark of my pregnancy came and went and now I’m already nearing the magical remaining 100 days. And the baby bundle is well and already kicking up a storm in my ever growing belly. Naturally baby knitting has been done – romper, pants, leg Read More

The Simple Things

Elizabeth Zimmermann (EZ for short), knitter and knitting teacher extraordinaire claims garter stitch to be one of the most versatile, useful and fun stitches in knitting. Most other people think it’s the most basic and therefore boring thing ever. I’ve got to admit I’ve always been a bit of a garter stitch snob. It does Read More

Pattern update :: Hearts in Estonia Shawl ::

People have been asking for this pattern ever since I’ve knitted the first version. Fitting the motifs into a bottom up shawl does require quite a bit of math, calculating and tinkering so it’s taken me a while to work out the charts and the stitch counts. Motivated by the success of the scarf pattern Read More

Pattern :: Hearts in Estonia Scarf ::

Originally this has only been an improvised design. I wanted to knit a wee little scarf with lots of lace, bobbles and color that would make use of one skein of sock yarn. It’s basically a different interpretation of my Hearts in Estonia Shawl I blogged about back in April 2010. I took my inspiration Read More

‚Tis The Season

And again a year is drawing to a close. Over the last year it turned out that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Ravelry have gotten most of my attention when it comes to status updates, pictures and reviews. It’s hard to keep up blogging with longer, more profound updates. Ravely is just so Read More

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