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Hearts in Estonia Triangle Shawl

Hearts in Estonia lace shawl with lots of nupps, worked bottom up

People have been asking for this pattern ever since I’ve knitted the first version. Fitting the motifs into a bottom up shawl does require quite a bit of math, calculating and tinkering so it’s taken me a while to work out the charts and the stitch counts. Motivated by the success of the scarf pattern I sat down and finally got it done.

Hearts in Estonia Shawl

Hearts in Estonia Shawl – Lace border with hearts shaped flower motifs

The instructions and chart for the triangular shawl are now part of the already published Hearts in Estonia pattern. The pattern has an additional 3 pages now. I’ve updated the pattern information on Ravelry and raised the copy price a bit to reflect the additional amount of work that’s gone into creating this combined pattern. Everyone who’s already purchased the scarf pattern has been notified and automatically gets the expanded pattern for free.

Hearts in Estonia Shawl - lovely nupps

Hearts in Estonia Shawl – lovely nupps


Yarn: 600 meters of laceweight yarn. Prototypes were worked in Filcolana New Zealand Lammeuld (600 meters/100 grams) and Zitron filigran Lace No.1 (600 meters/100 grams). Even though they’ve got the same yardage they are as different as day and night. Filcolana is a lofty, wooly, Shetland type of yarn that works up into an open but still very substancial fabric even on 4 mm needles. Zitron Filigran is a dense, smooth and very inelastic singles yarn that creates a much more open and ethereal fabric even on the smaller 3.75 mm needles. Personally I really didn’t care much for working with this yarn but after blocking it turned out nice and it seems to hold the shape well. In the finer Zitron yarn I was able to work 7-sts nupps and still ended up with a few grams of leftovers. While with the Filcolana I stuck to 5-sts nupps and made the cast-off with just a couple of meters to spare.

Needles: 3.75 to 4 mm or size to achieve desired gauge

Size: 160 to 170 cm wide, about 70 cm deep

Get the pattern from Ravelry

Happy knitting!

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