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FO :: Marvelous Spiral Shawl ::

Marvelous Spiral – A logarithmic spiral, equiangular spiral or growth spiral is a special kind of spiral curve which often appears in nature. The logarithmic spiral was first described by Descartes and later extensively investigated by Jacob Bernoulli, who called it Spira mirabilis, „the marvelous spiral“. This shawl pattern had caught my eye the first Read More

Summer has come and passed*

* from the lyrics of ‚Wake me up when September ends‘ by Green Day After a short but very hot summer it already feels very much like autumn in our neck of the woods right now. Although the sun is still shining brightly in a brilliantly blue sky it’s already pretty nippy in the shadows Read More

FO :: Modular Tomten Jacket ::

I haven’t done much of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s pattern so far but I thoroughly enjoy her writing style and her practical and sensible approach to knitting. The modular Tomten Jacket for a small child seemed a good project to venture into EZ’s knitting world for the first time. Since I wanted to knit the jacket in Read More

FO :: Haapsalu Lace Shawl – Hearts in Estonia ::

Spring has really arrived in our neck in the woods and I am mighty glad for it. It’s so lovely to see all those trees in full bloom and the hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and not to forget those pesky dandelions, which are a pain in the neck. Our little vegetable patch seems to do nicely, Read More

FO :: Prairie Rose Lace Shawl ::

This pretty shawl is finished for nearly 2 weeks now and I just haven’t gotten around to blog about it. It’s been a fun and fast knit and the yarn was a joy to work with. It came from Saffron Dyeworks on Etsy in an incredible teal colorway called ‚Aquarium‘. Details Pattern: Prairie Rose Lace Read More

Revised pattern :: Birch Leaf Shawl ::

Back in 2005 I published a knitting pattern on my blog that was inspired by a pattern called ‚Birch‘ designed by Sharon Miller. But instead of being worked from the top down with 300 and some stitches to be cast on my shawl was worked bottom up. No more miscounting while trying to get slippery Read More

Cold winter, warm shawl

Temperatures dropped again under 10°C and with the wind it feels plain cold, cold, cold. Just the right weather for sitting inside, central heating turned all the way up and knitting and spinning up a storm. Which also means I got to finish my latest shawl project in only 10 days. It’s a variation on Read More

From Fiber to Shawl :: Bewitched Citron ::

This little shawl is obviously the most knitted project from the newest Knitty issue. As of today Ravelry lists 379 projects and counting. When I first browsed this issue it was this pattern that instantly caught my eyes. And I was totally set to knit it in the original yarn – Malabrigo Lace Merino. Alas, Read More

FO :: Hand-spun Socks ::

I finished the hand-spun socks last week pretty much in record time. The turned really nice and I’ve already worn them twice. The yarn got me a pair of mid-calf high socks (when worn they are 34 cm from floor to cast-off edge) that work especially well in boots. They tend to slouch down a Read More

FO: Thermal

This was one of those patterns that I instantly liked when first seeing it in Knitty. I like knitting with skinny yarn and skinny needles. And I like plain sweaters that can be dressed up or down according to occasion and mood. But somehow I never quite worked up the nerve to cast-on. The pattern Read More

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