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Family heirlooms :: Annas Tischtuch ::

Es ist spannend, welche Dinge sich finden, wenn man im Zuge eines Nachlasses oder Umzugs die Schränke und Truhen unserer Großeltern durchgeht. Hier zeige ich Euch ein Tischtuch, welches wohl jahrelang im Schrank meiner Großmutter mütterlicherseits ein unbeachtetes Dasein gefristet hat. Diese Art Tischdecke ist vermutlich bereits vor einem halben Jahrhundert aus der Mode gekommen. Read More

Eye Candy Friday – Latest Spyderco Aquisitions

I am beyond happy about the pink Delica. The Delica model is about my favorite Spydie with the only drawback that it’s not legal to carry in Germany because it locks and is one hand operated. This one has been a special edition for the Spyderco distributor Midwest Gun Exchange and I secured one via Read More

Austria: Holiday impressions in pictures

I’ve got to admit, mountains were never quite my thing. Too high, too much snow, too far away. But this vacation was seriously fun and Austria turned out to be a really great place for a vacation with kids. It’s got everything from beautiful lakes to VERY high mountains and on top of that all Read More

Pink Blossoms

Spring is finally here. The Forsythias are in full bloom and those trees with the lovely pink blossoms are cheering things up quite a bit, too. I have no idea what kind of trees those are. Maybe Cherry? They look awfully nice anyway. Read More

Capturing Light

I’ve been content to snap pictures with our very reliable little point ’n shoot Fuji Finepix camera for a few years now. It made more than adequate pictures most of the time and in most standard situations. But I’ve been longing for the digital SLR experience for quite some time now. I loved taking pictures Read More

FO :: Haapsalu Lace Shawl – Hearts in Estonia ::

Spring has really arrived in our neck in the woods and I am mighty glad for it. It’s so lovely to see all those trees in full bloom and the hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and not to forget those pesky dandelions, which are a pain in the neck. Our little vegetable patch seems to do nicely, Read More

Spectacular Spectras

Well, it’s snowing up a little storm out there and the wind keeps heaping up snowbanks in the most inconvenient places. Like our door for example. But I won’t complain. It’s weekend, all the snow looks real pretty and we don’t really need to go outside if we don’t want to. Gives me the chance Read More

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