FO :: Hand-spun Socks ::

Finished socks - hand-spun

Finished socks – hand-spun

Two socks at a time

Two socks at a time – Both socks finished at the same time as its appeal.

I finished the hand-spun socks last week pretty much in record time. The turned really nice and I’ve already worn them twice. The yarn got me a pair of mid-calf high socks (when worn they are 34 cm from floor to cast-off edge) that work especially well in boots. They tend to slouch down a bit with wear but I don’t mind that. The soft merino yarn might not be ideal for hard wear and the heel and underside of the toes are already a bit fulled (felted would be too strong a word here) after two days of wear. But it looks like this might actually help with durability. I take this as an experiment and see how it turns out. The spinning and knitting process was tremendous fun and both socks getting finished at the same time was just great.

Look how well they go with my purple Crocs

Look how well they go with my purple Crocs

On the spinning front I got a wonderful delivery from today. After months and months of waiting it’s finally here. Abby Franquemont’s book „Respect the Spindle“. The books deals with knowledge and techniques about hand spindles exclusively. It’s fun reading and has lots of interesting information about this most ancient and simplest of fiber tools and shows contemporary spinners what great stuff can be achieved if you’re open and willing to practice.

Book Respect the Spindle

Book Respect the Spindle

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