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Weather around these parts has been very unsteady and downright depressing over the last month. We’ve had and early spell of warmth followed by a sharp turn into frosty temperatures. And of course the rain always hits in time for the weekend. Now this yearly cold snap that’s called ‚Frost Saints‘ (Eisheiligen) in German is Read More

Pink Blossoms

Spring is finally here. The Forsythias are in full bloom and those trees with the lovely pink blossoms are cheering things up quite a bit, too. I have no idea what kind of trees those are. Maybe Cherry? They look awfully nice anyway. Read More

Capturing Light

I’ve been content to snap pictures with our very reliable little point ’n shoot Fuji Finepix camera for a few years now. It made more than adequate pictures most of the time and in most standard situations. But I’ve been longing for the digital SLR experience for quite some time now. I loved taking pictures Read More

Photo Impressions :: Havellandrallye 2009

The little hat was inspired by the Binary scarf that had been featured in Kitty.com, issue Winter 2006. It’s knitted from 4-ply sock yarn and the binary code actually contains a message. I used the converter provided here to convert ASCII text into ones and zeros. It’s a really fun knit. Currently working on another Read More

Eye Candy Friday :: Beautiful Autumn ::

That’s what the world in my little corner of the world looked like this morning. Pics were taken on the way back from play school in the little park/playground right behind our street. Read More

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