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Berenice for Berenike

Vacation time is long past, school holidays are over tomorrow and the regularly scheduled life is about to begin anew. I can honestly say that I am quite happy for school to start again after the customary 6 weeks hiatus. While „vacation“ always sounds so nice in the beginning it does certainly come with its Read More

WIP :: Berenice ::

Last week I’ve started Berenice in size 6 for my daughter. It’s a really motivating knit which means I’m already done with the backside. The yarn is a dream to work with, super soft and a pretty color: Geilsk Bomull og Uld 2ply (discontinued), held double. Read More

Colors of Summer

While the heat wave during the Pentecost holidays has come and gone I’m still enjoying the sunny days and the colors of summer in my front yard and garden. There’s strawberries, buttercups, periwinkle and lavender adding dashes of color everywhere. It’s lovely. On the knitting (and crochet) front I seem to be getting my groove Read More

Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage 26/2014

Hallo liebes Wollschaf, ich habe Deinen Aufruf gelesen und mir ist gleich eine Frage eingefallen. Von den vielen englischen Anleitungen bei Ravelry habe ich schon einige Tricks und Kniffe gelernt. Mein Lieblingstrick ist aber immer noch der SSK (eine linksgelehnte Abnahme) von Jared Flood: Die erste Masche abheben, als ob man sie rechts stricken möchte, Read More

Brooklyn Tweed Kids – Berenice

Brooklyn Tweed has done it again – a new pattern collection is out, this time it’s stuff for kids. It’s a cute one for sure with classic designs, clean lines, slightly new interpretations on traditional styles. I like it a lot! But as for all BT pattern collections it probably all depends on the yarn. Read More

Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage 25/2014

Oft ist es so, daß gerade das Modell, in das man sich unsterblich verliebt hat, nicht in der eigenen Größe verfügbar ist. Insbesondere deutsche Anleitungen sind in ihrem Größenspektrum ja oft sehr eingeschränkt. Was macht Ihr, wenn Eure Größe nicht dabei ist? … http://daswollschaf.wordpress.com/2014/06/17/die-verstrickte-dienstagsfrage-252014/ Lange nicht mehr mitgemacht, dabei lese ich die Antworten immer so Read More

Me Made May

Über manche Sachen stolpert man im Internet und wundert sich, worum es dabei geht. „Me Made May“ ist eines von diesen Phänomenen. In einigen Blogs hatte ich es gelesen und gesehen, konnte mir aber gar nichts drunter vorstellen. Und als ich dann endlich kapiert hatte, worum es geht, da war es schon zu spät noch Read More

Knitting on the Road

Visiting family for us means at least a couple of hours on the road at the best of times. Or in case of my in laws it means more than 400 km which can add up to 4 to 5 hours in the car. Thanks to the ingenuousness of Apple products at least Little Girl Read More


Weather around these parts has been very unsteady and downright depressing over the last month. We’ve had and early spell of warmth followed by a sharp turn into frosty temperatures. And of course the rain always hits in time for the weekend. Now this yearly cold snap that’s called ‚Frost Saints‘ (Eisheiligen) in German is Read More

From fiber to sweater: Baby Raglan

Baby boy is 7 months old as of today and is already very mobile and quick to get around in a belly crawl that’s just too cute for words. To keep his belly warm on the floor this little sweater got off the needles just in time. It’s a basic top-down raglan with the yoke Read More

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