From fiber to sweater: Baby Raglan

Handspun Baby Raglan

Pretty fiber makes pretty yarn makes pretty sweater. The baby is pretty too, of course 😀 (klick to enlarge)

Baby boy is 7 months old as of today and is already very mobile and quick to get around in a belly crawl that’s just too cute for words. To keep his belly warm on the floor this little sweater got off the needles just in time. It’s a basic top-down raglan with the yoke worked back and forth to create a larger neck opening. I could have done without it though because the head fit perfectly fine without the extra room. Yeah, well, at least it was much more enjoyable to knit the garter stitch yoke flat. No pesky purl rows that way. And it gave me the chance to put on those pretty green mother-of-pearl buttons.

The yarn was hand-spun on my spinning wheel and plied on a spindle. The BFL/silk blend is very soft and washing and some use gives it a wonderful halo.

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