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Charm Pack Quilt in voller Größe auf dem Sofa

FO :: Simple Charm Pack Quilt ::

Eine Patchworkdecke für Einsteiger So ziemlich jeder handarbeitende Mensch weiß wie das ist mit dem Stash. Man sammelt Garne, Stoffe, Knöpfe, Perlen, usw. mit dem Wunsch, etwas Schönes draus zu machen. Allerdings wächst der Stash meist schneller, als man Dinge aus ihm gestalten kann. Ab und an braucht es also ein Projekt, bei dem man Read More

Time flies

I cannot believe that we’re going on Halloween already. The halfway mark of my pregnancy came and went and now I’m already nearing the magical remaining 100 days. And the baby bundle is well and already kicking up a storm in my ever growing belly. Naturally baby knitting has been done – romper, pants, leg Read More

Tilda Quilt

A Quilt – My very first one

Last weekend at our spinning group a lady brought a patchwork project and some supplies and gave a mini patchwork and quilting workshop. I stood on the sidelines and watched with interest. The whole thing look intriguing and easy enough and my curiosity was piqued. Could I do this? Sew lines straight enough to make Read More

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