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Car Geekery

Our family car, a Subaru Impreza 2.0 R, had been fitted Eibach Springs Pro Kit a while ago. While the 2008 model already looks awesome on its own the lowered suspension makes it stand out even more in a sea of nondescript Volkswagen clones. But apart from that the lowered body also makes it handle Read More

Team GeekSpeed

Oh my, it’s been a more than a month since I wrote something here. Time is flying. When I’m not working or knitting I’m playing support team and pit stop crew for DH. He’s doing autocross competitions. What’s autocross, you ask? Well, here’s what the international Wikipedia has to say about it: Autocross is a Read More

Photo Impressions :: Havellandrallye 2009

The little hat was inspired by the Binary scarf that had been featured in Kitty.com, issue Winter 2006. It’s knitted from 4-ply sock yarn and the binary code actually contains a message. I used the converter provided here to convert ASCII text into ones and zeros. It’s a really fun knit. Currently working on another Read More

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