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Rime Pullover aus Finkhof Merino

Frohes Neues Jahr!

Ein neues Jahr hat begonnen. Ich wünsche Euch allen viel Glück, Erfolg und viele kreative Ideen und natürlich die Zeit, diese umzusetzen. Für mich ist dieses Jahr gleich mit einer beruflichen Veränderung gestartet. Ich freue mich auf die Zusammenarbeit mit den neuen Kollegen, auf das Thema Tourismusmarketing und darauf, in meiner Arbeit die Reiseregion Fläming Read More

Vicuña - copyright: RS Deakin

Stricken mit exotischen Wollsorten (Teil 3) :: Vikunja ::

Ein Gastbeitrag von Gerald Bacher vom Online-Ratgeber über teure Wollsorten EdlerZwirn // Im dritten Teil stellt Gerald uns Vikunja vor, ein Tier aus der Familie der Kamele, welches in Südamerika beheimatet ist. Hier sind wir jetzt so ziemlich am Gipfel der Exklusivität angekommen. Vikunja Wolle Herkunft von Vikunjawolle So ein Vikunja erinnert optisch stark an ein Alpaka – Read More

Ikea is catching, totally

Every year spring seems to bring with it a strong urge to start some redecorating, to sort out old stuff and to rearrange some furniture. And maybe finally getting around to painting the darned staircase and get rid of the ugly terracotta color the previous owners had in the bedroom. This year things got even Read More

Glindle Spindle

I’ve been lusting after one of those special support spindles made by Bristlecone over at ArtFibre. He calls them Glindles – a composition of ‚glass‘ and ’spindle‘, I suppose. I asked for a custom spindle with a glass bead that’s got some magenta or pink in there. Obviously the posed quite the challenge for Chris. Read More

On a spinning kick

As far as craft hobbies go I always seem to be on one kick or another. Probably mostly because while I might have time to extensively knit I wouldn’t man  age to do large crochet stuff on top of that AND spinning yarn at the same time. Days with 24 hours only and all that 😉 Read More

EDC: Keychain gadgets

For the better part of this year I’ve been tumbling down the slippery slope of EDC carrying. What’s EDC? Here’s how Bernard Capulong, founder of the Everyday Carry Blog puts it: „Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily Read More

The merit of keeping swatches

While washing some of my woolen garments for winter I was shocked to find my beloved Wollmeise cardigan with two holes and a thin spot on the collar. How can this be? I frantically searched my wardrobe for other signs of moth infestation but couldn’t find any. Which is good, of course. But what happened Read More

The quiet season officially begins

Yesterday the best husband of all took part in the last autocross events on this year’s schedule. The weather even though mighty cold in the morning warmed up nicely during the day and made the last day of the season a huge success. The number of participants was astonishing and it seemed like everyone wanted Read More

Altweibersommer / Old Wives‘ summer

„Wake Me Up When September Ends“ Summer has come and passed The innocent can never last wake me up when September ends I’ve probably quoted this before but somehow this time of the year always brings this particular Green Day song to mind. After a summer that mostly seems to have left a cold and Read More

Car Geekery

Our family car, a Subaru Impreza 2.0 R, had been fitted Eibach Springs Pro Kit a while ago. While the 2008 model already looks awesome on its own the lowered suspension makes it stand out even more in a sea of nondescript Volkswagen clones. But apart from that the lowered body also makes it handle Read More

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