Dexter Cardigan Button Band

Slow Fashion October :: LONG-WORN ::

In the past I have not been very conscious about mending, changing or up cycling clothes. But this year I’ve been really making an effort. Back in February I have mended a hand-knit cardigan made from precious Wollmeise Lace yarn.

And I’ve added a few inches to a sweater that had turned out a tad too short from the start. The sweater is made from lovely Rowan Felted Tweed yarn and while the repair was scary it turned out just fine and barely visible.

This October I finally tackled an idea that had been rolling through my mind for a while now. I had this old, striped, cozy scarf lying around that I hadn’t worn in ages. Initially I wanted to make a pair or arm or leg warmers out of it but then i thought it would be fun to try turning into a pair of pants for the little mister.

An old H&M wool scarf turned into a pair of funky striped pants for Mr. T

An old H&M wool scarf turned into a pair of funky striped pants for Mr. T


  • Folded scarf in half and cut off the required length taking measure with a fitting pair of pants
  • Knitted a diamond shaped gusset out of sock yarn
  • I mattress stitched together the sides of the scarf, incorporating the gusset
  • Turned the hem of the scarf at the waist to make a tunnel for an elastic band
  • picked up stitches on the bottom the pants and knitted a few rows of ribbing
  • Taddddaaaaaah! 🙂

Another plan for my Slow Fashion October has been successfully completed. I am sitting here wearing my new, pretty, hand-knit Dexter cardigan.

Dexter Cardigan Yoke Detail

Dexter cardigan yoke detail and pretty buttons

Dexter cardigan pocket with stranded knitting

Dexter cardigan pocket with stranded knitting


Happy knitting!

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