Sunkissed – From Fiber to Yarn

Snow, snow and look! More snow. Still perfect weather for spinning, knitting and keeping warm next to the heater. Here's some yarn that got finished last week. I'm calling it 'Sunkissed' because someone on Ravelry commented it reminded her of well planted garden with all the flowers in bloom on a bright sunny day in summer with big fluffy clouds in a clear blue sky.

handpainted Merino/Silk top

handpainted Merino/Silk top from AllSpunUp

Spun on Spindlewood Flamewood spindle

Spun on Spindlewood Flamewood spindle

shoe box lazy kate

Wound into 2-stranded plying ball with help of shoe box lazy kate

plying ball

Neat, tightly wound plying ball

Finished yarn

Finished yarn

finished yarn

One skein, 215 meters of soft and squishy and shiny yarn.

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