From fiber to shawl: Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief

Age of Brass and Steam Shawl

Age of Brass and Steam Shawl – Snapshots of the way from fiber to finished project

Fiber: 25 grams, 40% Bison / 40% Alpaca / 10% Merino / 10% Silk – Frosted Tea from Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts

Spinning: spun on Russian spindles by Ed Tabachek and GrippingYarn

Plying: plied on a Tabachek plying spindle by way of a 2-stranded plying ball

Yarn: 170 meters/25 grams

Pattern: Free pattern Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief

Shawl: 110 meters wide, 45 cm deep

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