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Tilda Quilt

A Quilt – My very first one

Last weekend at our spinning group a lady brought a patchwork project and some supplies and gave a mini patchwork and quilting workshop. I stood on the sidelines and watched with interest. The whole thing look intriguing and easy enough and my curiosity was piqued. Could I do this? Sew lines straight enough to make Read More


So, yeah, we’re actually doing this baby adventure a second time 🙂 If things go as planned then this one is going to be a February baby. Perfect season for an avid knitter like myself 😉 The cute Pepita pattern has been on my to-do list for ages. Never felt like knitting this one for Read More


Finished this fun little blanket while on a visit to family last weekend. A four hours drive always provides ample of knitting time. The blanket is very graphic and constructed out of garter stitch triangles running in different directions. It’s done with short-rows and modular knitting. It’s been so much fun and a quick knit.Ate Read More

Inspirational Knitting

This weekend a friend asked about my well-being since I hadn’t shared any new knitting around here for a while. Ouch. Apart from the regular everyday stuff like work, family, the house, friends and whatnot there has been knitting going on, of course.   One of the most interesting and fun projects over the last Read More

Welcome in 2012

And here we are. Another year in front of us. Full of new possibilites and challenges. Time to see what’s been going on knitting wise here at Sooza’s. The clever Ravelry database tells me I’ve got 35 projects logged in for 2011. Not bad. Lots of this has actually been crochet which was a surprise Read More

FO: Ishbel

Here’s a knitted FO from back in October that went to a friend as a gift. Ishbel by Isolda Teague is one of rare patterns I’ve knitted more than once. And since the results are always so nice I’ll probably do it again. I’m thinking Wollmeise this time. Project details on Ravelry. Read More

FO: Granny Stripe Blanket

With only about 7 months in the making this crochet blanket hasn’t been the most epic project I’ve ever done. But after years of blocking out crochet completely this one feels like a real achievement. And after a handful of cute crochet scarfs this is my first big project off the hook. I already liked Read More

One for all – Paracord Survival Bracelets

This has been an extra crafty weekend thanks to the husband. Who would have thought that he would come up with idea, the books and the material for knotting bracelets? But not any old bracelets, mind you, but manly and incredibly useful Survival Bracelets using Parachute cord (Paracord) original developed for military purposes. I’d never Read More

The Simple Things

Elizabeth Zimmermann (EZ for short), knitter and knitting teacher extraordinaire claims garter stitch to be one of the most versatile, useful and fun stitches in knitting. Most other people think it’s the most basic and therefore boring thing ever. I’ve got to admit I’ve always been a bit of a garter stitch snob. It does Read More


Who knew crochet could be so much fun?! Me, I’ve always been an avid knitter and had trouble wrapping my head around crochet. Sure, I could do the standard stuff. Crochet chains, picot edgings, crab stitch, the odd flower here and there and maybe even a pot holder once in a blue moon. But it Read More

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