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The beach in the early morning.

Summer (vacation) has come and gone

Today is already the last day of my 3 weeks summer vacation. Tomorrow little Mr. T’s daycare will open its doors again and Ms. Nike is already attending summer project at her school. How can three weeks be gone so quickly? It feels like we didn’t do anything but at the same time we got Read More

Altweibersommer / Old Wives‘ summer

„Wake Me Up When September Ends“ Summer has come and passed The innocent can never last wake me up when September ends I’ve probably quoted this before but somehow this time of the year always brings this particular Green Day song to mind. After a summer that mostly seems to have left a cold and Read More

Austria: Holiday impressions in pictures

I’ve got to admit, mountains were never quite my thing. Too high, too much snow, too far away. But this vacation was seriously fun and Austria turned out to be a really great place for a vacation with kids. It’s got everything from beautiful lakes to VERY high mountains and on top of that all Read More

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