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Spindle Gallery :: KCL Woods Spindle ::

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a picture of a spindle from my collection. Here comes a particularly fancy exemplar of the drop spindle species. Whorl: Mesquite Whorl with Russian Laquered Brooch, 7.5 cm in diameter Shaft: Purpleheart, 27 cm Weight: 33 g Maker: Ken Ledbetter from KCL Woods Fiber: hand-dyed BFL batt by Read More

From Fiber to Yarn :: Corriedale Combed Top ::

It’s been on my Spindlewood Mini spindle for a while now but today the second skein finally got finished. Sunset Fibers‘ combed top has been spun and plied on the fly to preserve the lovely color sequence. I intend to knit this yarn into a pair of socks to see how well hand-spun yarn holds Read More

Spindle Gallery: Grafton Swan Midi

Whorl: Laminated wood, Winter Sky Whorl diameter: 6.5 cm Length: 23 cm Weight: 28 g Length: 28 cm Maker: Tom Diak of Grafton Fibers Fiber: Falkland wool top hand-dyed by FeltStudioUK Comment: Wonderful colors and a very smooth, graceful shape. Can’t say much about its spinning abilities since I haven’t really had the chance to Read More

Spindle Gallery :: Jenkins Turkish Delight ::

Whorl: Osage Orange Whorl diameter: In this case wing span 9 cm Length: 14cm Weight: 24 g Length: 28 cm Maker: Ed Jenkins of Jenkins Woodworking Fiber: Merino/Mohair 50/50 Comment: This is such a pretty little thing and it spins so very well. Absolutely fabulous craftsmanship, too. I’ll have to get a large one in Read More

From Fiber to Yarn :: Strawberry Field ::

Fiber | Faser: Strawberry Field , carded batts from Fiber Monster; Merino wool, a bit of sparkle; 2 skeins à 1.5 oz (120m/75g) Color | Farbe: red, salmon, fuchsia, white | rot, magenta, lachs, weiß Tools | Werkzeuge: Spun on Greensleeves drop spindle, plied on wheel | Gesponnen auf Greensleeves Spindel, gezwirnt am Rad Prep Read More

From Fiber to Yarn :: Pink Lady ::

Fiber | Faser: Pink Lady, carded batts from Fiber Monster; Colonial Wool, Tencel, a bit of Sparkle; 2 skeins à 1.5 oz (320m/80g) Color | Farbe: green, purple, pink | grün, lila, rosa Tools | Werkzeuge: Spun on Forrester Linum Light drop spindle, plied on wheel | Gesponnen auf Forrester Linum Light Spindel, gezwirnt am Read More

From Fiber to Yarn :: Starlight Starbright ::

Fiber | Faser: Starlight Starbright II, carded batts by Butterfly Girl Designs; Merino layered with two colors of Bamboo, lots of Firestar and Angelina; 2 skeins à 50 gr (360m/100g) Color | Farbe: black, blue, turquoise, aqua, silver | schwarz, blau, türkis, aqua, silber Tools | Werkzeuge: Spun on Bosworth Midi drop spindle, plied on Read More

Spindle Gallery :: Linum Fancy Light Spindle ::

Fancy Linum Light Spindle Whorl: Canarywood Shaft: Cherry Whorl diameter: 7,5 cm Weight: 24 g Length: 28 cm Maker: Tom Forrester Fiber: Pink Lady by Fibermonster, Colonial wool. Tencel with some white sparkle Comment: The spindle is a lovely design that is inspired by the little white flowers of the flax (lat. linum) plant. The Read More

Spindle Gallery :: Bosworth Moosie ::

Ich dachte mir, für die Tage, an denen es stricktechnisch nicht sonderlich viel Aufregendes oder Neues gibt, könnte ich an dieser Stelle ja mal ein paar schöne Bildchen von meiner Spindel-Herde zeigen. Den Anfang macht ein sehr seltenes Exemplar: meine heißgeliebte Moosie von Jonathan Bosworth. Der Wirtel ist tatsächlich aus Elchgeweih (engl. moose antler) hergestellt. Read More

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