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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a picture of a spindle from my collection. Here comes a particularly fancy exemplar of the drop spindle species.

Spindle with laquered Russian brooch inlay

Spindle with laquered Russian brooch inlay

Whorl: Mesquite Whorl with Russian Laquered Brooch, 7.5 cm in diameter
Shaft: Purpleheart, 27 cm
Weight: 33 g
Maker: Ken Ledbetter from KCL Woods
Fiber: hand-dyed BFL batt by Fibermonster
Comment: The key feature of Ken’s spindle seems to be an inlay of some kind. So far I’ve seen stone inlays, antique buttons, Russian brooches and beads in his works. Each one of his spindles is unique and a true work of art. But they don’t just look neat. My spindle also spins very well. I’ve got to admit it has a bit of a capricious personality. The whorl is fairly large for the weight and is not as rim-weighted as I’m used to. On top of that I hadn’t ever before encountered a pig tail hook. But with a hearty thigh roll it just flies and you can spin very fine yarn on it. And the hook is kinda neat, too.

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