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Addi Nature Olivenholz Rundstricknadel 3,5 mm

Addi Nature Olivenholz Rundstricknadel 3,5 mm

addiNature Olivenholz – I had seen those pretty new circular needles made from olive wood on Addi’s Facebook page a while back and I was really exited about trying them out. Some well known German knit bloggers had already reviewed them and sang their praises. But while they maybe had gotten needles for review purposes, buying them proved to be quite difficult. It obviously took the company a while to ship them out to dealers and maybe they were even a bit surprised by their own marketing success. After a 6 weeks wait I finally got them from a small online shop and at first glance was very taken with their looks.

The 3.5 mm needle went immediately into my current project. This is where I got second thoughts about the practical aspect of using olive wood for knitting needles. The needles bent under my fingers but not in the way I was used to with Bamboo, Ebony or Rosewood. There was a weird kind of flex to them. Also they will not become my favorites because of the metal socket. But they were very well crafted and featured the lovely gold cable that’s addi’s trademark. Unfortunately after only a few rounds the strange flexy feeling resulted in a broken needle tip with barely any pressure applied. It just snapped right off along the grain.

An email to Gustav Selter, the company behind the addi brand, and a short email conversation later Ms Stehle from customer support promised a replacement needle asap and here it is. An all new Addi nature circular needle with a nice letter. I will have to do more knitting with the needle to get a proper impression about them but about the customer service I can surely say „Impeccable! Thank you!“.

I seem to have a run with broken or defect needles lately. A week or so ago I sat on a Holz & Stein ebony circular and it broke into pieces. 🙁 That was my own fault and not a case for customer service of course. On a fairly new Holz & Stein Kingwood needle on the other hand the cable came loose from the socket on one needle tip. I wrote to Ms Huppertz from Holz & Stein and she offered to assess the damage and repair it free of cost if it was an production issue. Just today I got an email from her that they fixed the loose cable and that the needle is on its way back. So glad to hear that. Also a case of very nice customer service. Thank you.

Does anyone of you have some experiences with customer service of needle your yarn companies to share? Good, bad or in between?

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