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Front: Bosworth Moosie, back: Bosworth Midi

Front: Bosworth Moosie, back: Bosworth Midi

Back in 2005 I bought a Bosworth Moosie. The whorl is Moose antler. Very lovely, very rare, very exclusive and today at a price where I might hesitate to buy one. A while ago I realized that the shaft on my Moosie spindle was split right where the hook sat. The Bosworths kindly offered to replace the shaft for no additional cost. Moosie came back in July all fixed and ready to spin.

Bosworth Midi

Bosworth Midi

And to keep Moosie company Sheila offered me this oh so pretty Dogwood Midi. I couldn’t resist. I’m absolutely helpless against pretty spindles.

Bosworth Midi Dogwood back

Bosworth Midi Dogwood – This one is cut from a branch. Look at the pretty annual rings.

Bosworth Midi
Whorl: Dogwood
Shaft: Cochin Rosewood
Weight: 39 grams

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