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Rose Red Vest - Scoop Neck Bodice

Rose Red Vest – Scoop Neck Bodice

This project got done about the same time as the baby socks but somehow I have not yet managed to blog about it. It’s my reinterpretation of the classic slipover/vest garment. I call it „Rose Red“ because several people commented on the cute rosebud borders. Besides, worn with a skirt and a frilly white blouse it looks fit for a fairy tale setting. The design is – once again – of my own devising. I dropped the initial idea of a cabled lower part in favor of a fake cable pattern stitch because it is much less bulky and a lot faster to knit. Most of the shaping is achieved by the difference in gauge between the ribbing and the plain stockinette fabric. To accomodate for my curvy figure I added four gussets (two back, two front) to the lower part and bust darts to the front within the stockinette part of the garment. The neat border is actually just one repeat of the fake cable pattern. The whole thing was actually very straighforward knitting and to my utter surprise it fits well and was already worn several times. My math and a certain measure of knitting experience obviously were up to the task of knitting by the seat of my pants this time around. Should I find some more time on my hands once my baby girl is settled in kindergarten I might write the pattern down, maybe calculate a couple of different sizes and make it available on the net.

Yarn: 250 g Lang Yarns Delta (50% cotton, 50% microfiber acrylic; 123 m/50 g; col. 61/cherry)
Needles: 3.5 mm
Size: DE 42-44 (UK 16/US 14/L-XL)
Pattern: my own

Fake cable ribbing
Cast on multiple of 5 (plus 2 edge stitches if desired)
Row 1: #slip one as if to knit, knit two, pass slipped stitch over 2 knitted stitches but do not remove stitch from left needle, knit 1 from remaining stitch instead and finally let slipped stitch drop; purl 2; repeat from #
Row 2 and 4: #knit 2, purl 3, repeat from #
Row 3: # knit 3, purl 2, repeat from #
Repeat rows 1 to 4 to create ribbing that resembles cables.

For rosebud border work pattern for 5 rows casting off in ribbing as set.

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