Interweave Knits, Spring 2008

You know, it’s always such a nice surprise to find something other than invoices and advertising stuff in your mailbox. Today Interweave Knits‘ latest issue fell right into my hands amongst other stuff. As always I was pretty excited and couldn’t wait to browse through the mag for the first time. So I made myself a nice cup of coffee, magazine in hand, grabbed the baby, who was crying for mummy’s milk and sat down on our immensely comfy sofa.
I really enjoyed the first 30 pages and was anxious to see which patterns they had come up with this time. But what do they tell you about not getting your hopes up too high? Yeah, well, they were right. Does anyone else find the patterns in this issue bland, uninspired and completely unwearable?! I mean please, what’s with the skirts, you people?! I am of the opinion that you cannot in good conscience wear a hand-knitted skirt until you are barely 5’5“ tall and as skinny as a beanstalk.
And what’s the issue with cropped, half-buttoned cardigans?! Didn’t knit them in the right size and had to fudge or what?! Jeesh, apart from two lace stoles there is not one single pattern that I would be interested in knitting.
I kind of like the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan because of its clever shaping but it would probably make me look like my own grandmother. And the Printed Silk Cardigan has its appeal, too. But I get all kinds of suspicious when a model holds the front of a cardigan closed. Can’t help thinking that in reality the edges probably roll and the front will gape wide open. And I stress again: Why the half-buttoned thing?!

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