Month: Juni 2011

Car Geekery

Our family car, a Subaru Impreza 2.0 R, had been fitted Eibach Springs Pro Kit a while ago. While the 2008 model already looks awesome on its own the lowered suspension makes it stand out even more in a sea of nondescript Volkswagen clones. But apart from that the lowered body also makes it handle Read More

Wollmeise Mania

Over the past years indie dyer „Wollmeise“ has gained an incredible popularity allover the world. When I first ordered a few skeins of 100% Merino yarn with Claudia it was a small affair with the distinctive, cute flash based Wollmeise website. The page showed yarns in maybe 20 interestingly named, bright colorways that you could Read More

The Simple Things

Elizabeth Zimmermann (EZ for short), knitter and knitting teacher extraordinaire claims garter stitch to be one of the most versatile, useful and fun stitches in knitting. Most other people think it’s the most basic and therefore boring thing ever. I’ve got to admit I’ve always been a bit of a garter stitch snob. It does Read More

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