Month: Oktober 2010

Capturing Light

I’ve been content to snap pictures with our very reliable little point ’n shoot Fuji Finepix camera for a few years now. It made more than adequate pictures most of the time and in most standard situations. But I’ve been longing for the digital SLR experience for quite some time now. I loved taking pictures Read More

FO :: Marvelous Spiral Shawl ::

Marvelous Spiral – A logarithmic spiral, equiangular spiral or growth spiral is a special kind of spiral curve which often appears in nature. The logarithmic spiral was first described by Descartes and later extensively investigated by Jacob Bernoulli, who called it Spira mirabilis, „the marvelous spiral“. This shawl pattern had caught my eye the first Read More

Spindle Gallery :: Bosworth Midi Dogwood/Cochin Rosewood ::

Back in 2005 I bought a Bosworth Moosie. The whorl is Moose antler. Very lovely, very rare, very exclusive and today at a price where I might hesitate to buy one. A while ago I realized that the shaft on my Moosie spindle was split right where the hook sat. The Bosworths kindly offered to Read More

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