Month: Oktober 2008

A Receipe :: Pi Socks ::

Interesting Stripes Sequence Back in June I finished a cool pair of socks using the number Pi as a means to devellop an interesting stripe sequence. I realize that the explanation on what I did and how Pi is involved might have been a bit cryptic. A couple of people have asked questions about it Read More

Toasty hands and some knitting surgery

Auch wenn in der Zwischenzeit noch ein weiteres Paar Babysocken fertig geworden ist, sehe ich mal davon ab, den geneigten Leser mit Bildern von eben jenem zu langweilen. Viel spannender ist da mein aktueller Ausflug ins Jaquardstricken. Mäuschen brauchte dringend was für die Fingerchen, nun da die Tage kälter und stürmischer werden. Ein paar Knäuel Read More

Very Sorry Socks

Did I ever tell you that my handknit socks have to withstand the most horrible treatment imaginable? They go through the washer with all my other clothes at 30-40°C, they have to endure fabric softener and last but not least they have to put up with my feet. Commercial sock yarn is usually more than Read More

FO :: Rose Red Vest ::

This project got done about the same time as the baby socks but somehow I have not yet managed to blog about it. It’s my reinterpretation of the classic slipover/vest garment. I call it „Rose Red“ because several people commented on the cute rosebud borders. Besides, worn with a skirt and a frilly white blouse Read More

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