Month: Oktober 2006

Happy Halloween

[Bild nicht mehr verfügbar] Zur Freude meines Mannes und meiner Kollegen habe ich gestern die Rührschüsseln hervorgeholt und heraus kam ein obergruseliger aber seeeeeeehr leckerer Halloween-Kuchen. Yesterday I grabbed a few baking bowls and procured a funky looking but veerrrrry tasty halloween cake – to my husband’s and my colleagues‘ utter delight. Read More

Socktoberfest – The End Is Drawing Near

I did manage to knit quite a bit during this month sockwise. And I really enjoyed the interviews and tutorials Lolly provided in her blog. Although I’m a longtime sock knitter I still like to learn new techniques and I try most things – to a certain extend – at least once before making up Read More

Back from London

Schon letzten Mittwoch sind wir gegen Mitternacht wieder aus London daheim gewesen. Leider hatte mich gleich eine miese Erkältung im Griff und dann waren wir noch zwei Tage bei meinen Eltern zu Besuch. Daher hatte ich keine Gelegenheit zum Bloggen. We have been back from London last Wednesday but first a nasty cold struck me Read More

London’s Calling

Morgen früh geht es auf nach London. Eine Woche heiß ersehnter Urlaub wartet und wegen exzellenter Planung geht es am Donnerstag auch gleich zur Knitting and Stitching Show jubel Bis nächste Woche, Ihr Lieben! Tomorrow morning dearest husband and me are off to London for a one-week trip. And thanks to my excellent planning I Read More

Socks, Socks, Socks

Well, I’m off to a good start into the wonderful Socktoberfest. Today I indulged and bought FOUR skeins of the much praised Trekking XXL sock yarn. The whole bloggosphere has been buzzing with it and I’ve seen it in the local shops but never really gave it much tought. Now Socktoberfest gave me THE perfect Read More


Lolly from Lolly Knitting Around initiated this fun experience and since I’ve got quite a few socks coming up for the holiday season I thought it would be fun to join the Socktoberfest. And off we go into the fun with the Socktoberfest meme: When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or Read More

On the Needles

Im Moment gibt es gerade nichts Fertiges zu zeigen, allerdings befinden sich einige Sachen in verschiedenen Stadien des Angefangenseins, Betonung auf Angefangen. Hier mal ein kleiner Einblick: Right now there is nothing finished to show but a few things in different stages of finishing. Here is a little On-the-needles-show: Icarus Shawl [Bild nicht mehr verfügbar] Read More

Who? Me?!

Ich konnte nicht umhin über dieses Quizergebnis zu grinsen. Mein Mann wüsste Geschichten zu erzählen 😉 | I couldn’t help grinning at this quiz‘ result. Dearest husband could tell you stories 😉   What kind of yarn are you? You are Mohair.You are a warm and fuzzy type who works well with others, doing your Read More

10 Knitterly Things you didn’t know about me, a meme

instigated by the wonderful and funny Grumperina 1. Wearable And Not So Wearable Things Until a short time ago one out of two garments I knit usually ended up completely unwearable. It didn’t matter whether I followed a commerical pattern or how religiously I swatched. It’s gotten better with time, though. That’s the reason why Read More

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