Snow Stars Hat (free)

Snow Stars Hat red with brown stars - kid size

Snow Stars Hat red with brown stars – kid size

This is a pattern for a cute little winter hat with a bit of a Nordic flair thanks to the classic stranded pattern. It knits up quickly in a worsted weight yarn and offers endless color options. It’s worked top-down which makes adjusting for personal taste quite easy. Add more rounds before the stranded pattern for a slouchier look or cut out some rounds if you want the hat to be more close fitting. Also depth of the ribbing is a matter of taste. I usually like a deeper ribbing for a snug fit, especially for the kids.


Kid 50-54 cm / Adult 54-58 cm

A note on sizing: As the snow stars stranded pattern is based on a repeat of 18 sts there are limits to the sizing options on this one. I’ve worked samples in two sizes. The smaller one fits my 2 and a half year old boy with some room to grow. His head circumference is not quite 51 cm (19“). But it’s also fine for my 8 year old daughter with about 54 cm (21“) head circumference. The larger version (light brown) should fit an average sized adult head. Some adjustments to size can be achieved by playing around with gauge and yarn weight.

Snow Stars Hat aus BT Shelter

Snow Stars Hat aus BT Shelter in Tartan (MC) und Postcard (CC)


Worsted Weight yarn, gauge 20 to 22 sts per 10 cm. Samples worked in the following yarns:


  • 100-140 meters of worsted weight yarn in main color, depending on how slouchy your hat should end up
  • 10 meters of worsted weight yarn in contrast color


  • 4 to 4.5 mm needles for stockinette and stranded or needle size to obtain gauge. If your stranded knitting is usually on the tight side, just go up half a needle size for the stranded pattern.
  • 3 to 3.5 mm for ribbing
Snow Stars hat for kids and adults

Snow Stars hat for kids and adults


Cast on Cast on 6 sts/6 sts (I prefer using a circular cast-on) and distribute sts on either DPNs or a circular needle.
Crown 1st round: *kfb, pm repeat from * 5 more times
2nd round: *kfb, k to marker, slm repeat from * 5 more times
Repeat round 2 until 90 sts / 108 sts are on the needles (15 / 18 increase round in total)
Alternative crown shaping For a less scrunchy crown switch to increasing every second instead of every round after the initial 10 rounds.
Straight part Work in stockinette stitch for at least 10 / 14 rounds (beanie) up to 20 / 24 rounds (slouchy).
Stranded pattern Add contrast color and start working color chart – 5 / 6 times per round. After completing color chart work 3 more rounds of stockinette.
Decrease round For a snug hat band switch to smaller needle and decrease 9 / 10 sts evenly across round.
Ribbing Work in 1×1 ribbing for at least 10 rounds or for as long as you prefer.
Finishing Bind off in pattern (k1, p1) using contrast color. Sew in ends. Wash. Wear and enjoy!



  • k1 – knit 1
  • kfb – knit into front and back of stitch = one stitch increased
  • pm – place marker
  • slm – slip marker

Color chart for snow stars

snow stars knitting chart

snow stars knitting chart

Snow Stars hats for the kids

Snow Stars hats for the kids

Happy knitting!


  • Evelyn Garcia

    How many stitches is supposed to be cast one? The instruction says 6 stitches. Please advise. Thanks

    • sgutperl

      Yes, 6 sts for the cast-on is correct. The hat is started at the crown and worked top to bottom. This way it’s easier to adjust the size.


  • Donna Hill

    Hi, I’m wondering what size measurement you are using for an adult? My head measures 21.5 in. Should I make the child size? Thank you!

    • sgutperl

      Hi Donna,

      21.5 inch translates into 54.6 cm. So this would make it into the adult bracket of 54-58 cm circumference. I would probably try the adult version first if your gauge is about 20 sts per 10 cm. This should result in a 54 cm (21.5 in) circumference hat. If you‘ve got a stitch or 2 more to 10 cm and the fabric isn‘t too dense/stiff it will most likely still fit.

      Hope this helps. Happy knitting!

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