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Dexter Cardigan Button Band

Slow Fashion October :: LONG-WORN ::

In the past I have not been very conscious about mending, changing or up cycling clothes. But this year I’ve been really making an effort. Back in February I have mended a hand-knit cardigan made from precious Wollmeise Lace yarn. Another sweater to repair. Neat and tidy with duplicate stitch. I'm getting the hang of Read More

Dexter Cardigan - Slow Fashion October

Slow Fashion October :: Introduction ::

Over the course of the last week one hashtag in particular has caught my eye on Instagram :: #slowfashionoctober :: It instantly caught my eye because avoiding ‚fast fashion‘, repurposing, mending, knitting wardrobe staples, conscious shopping and ecological/eco friendly clothes have been on my mind for the better part of this year now. Searching for Read More

Häkelpullover - schnell gemacht aus Sockengarn mit Stäbchen und Luftmaschen

MeMadeMittwoch :: Schneller Häkelpulli ::

Heute von mir mal ein Beitrag zum Me Made Mittwoch: vor ein paar Tagen fertig geworden ist dieser schlichte Häkelpullover zum Drüberziehen über Langes und Kurzes. Wer hätte gedacht, dass ich mal einen Pullover häkeln würde?! Na ich jedenfalls nicht. Der Schnitt sind im Grund 2 große Rechtecke und 2 kleine Rechtecke, mit ein paar Read More

Elementary Sweater

Strickrückblick Februar :: Ein Monat, ein Pullover ::

Nix geschrieben im Blog den ganzen Februar lang. Verdammt. Nichts gestrickt? Oh nein, ich habe ein kleines Experiment gemacht und praktisch am laufenden Band gestrickt. Ich wollte wissen, ob ich es schaffe, in einem Monat einen Pullover zu stricken. Komplett, von Anfang bis Ende. Als Studienobjekt habe ich den wunderbaren Elementary Pullover von Isabell Kraemer Read More

The beach in the early morning.

Summer (vacation) has come and gone

Today is already the last day of my 3 weeks summer vacation. Tomorrow little Mr. T’s daycare will open its doors again and Ms. Nike is already attending summer project at her school. How can three weeks be gone so quickly? It feels like we didn’t do anything but at the same time we got Read More


This drab and dark November weather calls for some cheering up, me thinks. I got out the origami paper and had a look around for some butterfly folding instructions to decorate up the colorful dried physalis twigs. My favorite set of instructions came from a German origami site: Butterfly at And a real origami Read More

Fröbelsterne | German Stars

Those cute three-dimensional stars – known as Fröbelsterne (Froebel stars) – are a common Christmas decoration here in Germany. They have been around for a long time but I cannot remember ever actually folding them. Always seemed too difficult. In a big crafts store I found those nifty pre-cut strips in a set with instructions Read More

Me Made May

Über manche Sachen stolpert man im Internet und wundert sich, worum es dabei geht. „Me Made May“ ist eines von diesen Phänomenen. In einigen Blogs hatte ich es gelesen und gesehen, konnte mir aber gar nichts drunter vorstellen. Und als ich dann endlich kapiert hatte, worum es geht, da war es schon zu spät noch Read More


I really have no idea what „Schnullerkette“ is called in English. Pacifier lanyard? Soothie clip? Well, it’s this thing where one end is clipped to the baby’s clothing and to the other one you attach a pacifier. Little Mr. T needed a new one because the old lanyard got chewed through after half a year Read More

Old passions, new addictions

More than 10 years ago I got quite heavily into sewing, especially into clothes. But I have to admit, copying a sewing pattern, transferring all the pieces onto the fabric, and all this cutting business before you ever sat down at the sewing maching really wasn’t for me. Granted, once you’ve had your pieces ready Read More

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