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Weather around these parts has been very unsteady and downright depressing over the last month. We’ve had and early spell of warmth followed by a sharp turn into frosty temperatures. And of course the rain always hits in time for the weekend. Now this yearly cold snap that’s called ‚Frost Saints‘ (Eisheiligen) in German is Read More


I really have no idea what „Schnullerkette“ is called in English. Pacifier lanyard? Soothie clip? Well, it’s this thing where one end is clipped to the baby’s clothing and to the other one you attach a pacifier. Little Mr. T needed a new one because the old lanyard got chewed through after half a year Read More

Boxy Shirt

The fashion industry sucks, that’s probably what most of us have thought at one point or another. Especially if you are not stick thin and fitting into ridiculously small sizes for an adult woman. But sometimes you strike luck and the trend seems to go into a wearable direction. A few months ago I stumbled Read More

The Year of the Cat

Enter Amineko, the most famous cat of all. It has even got their own Facebook page. Those two cute guys were made on special request of two adorable little boys, who were missing their tomcat something fierce after he joined all the cats that have gone before him. This has been my first foray into Read More

From fiber to sweater: Baby Raglan

Baby boy is 7 months old as of today and is already very mobile and quick to get around in a belly crawl that’s just too cute for words. To keep his belly warm on the floor this little sweater got off the needles just in time. It’s a basic top-down raglan with the yoke Read More

4 Weeks ago

This picture was taken nearly 4 weeks ago when Tiberius turned 4 months. He’s quite the little charmer 🙂 With his big sister preparing to start school in August I’ve been going back and forth between organizing stuff for her and spending time soothing Mr. T through some heavy toothing pains. But there’s always a Read More

Welcome, Little Boy

Little Mr. T Tiberius Richard Ephraim Born on February 9th, 6:42 pm 3400 grams/7.5 lb., 52 cm/20.5″ By now he’s already three weeks old. We are very happy to finally have him here in our little family of four. Delivery went quickly and without complications so we were home soon after and could start getting Read More

Time flies

I cannot believe that we’re going on Halloween already. The halfway mark of my pregnancy came and went and now I’m already nearing the magical remaining 100 days. And the baby bundle is well and already kicking up a storm in my ever growing belly. Naturally baby knitting has been done – romper, pants, leg Read More

A Quilt – My very first one

Last weekend at our spinning group a lady brought a patchwork project and some supplies and gave a mini patchwork and quilting workshop. I stood on the sidelines and watched with interest. The whole thing look intriguing and easy enough and my curiosity was piqued. Could I do this? Sew lines straight enough to make Read More


So, yeah, we’re actually doing this baby adventure a second time 🙂 If things go as planned then this one is going to be a February baby. Perfect season for an avid knitter like myself 😉 The cute Pepita pattern has been on my to-do list for ages. Never felt like knitting this one for Read More

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